• Two names have always intrigued me. Obviously my own (Archie) which originates in Scotland and is short for Archibald. Obviously not a major surprise as a Scottish Canadian and meaning "excellent, noble,true And bold" - as if it would have meant anything else!


    But the other name that intrigues me is Anastasia. I always thought it was Russian in origin but it appears it is actually Greek and means resurrection. You learn something every day!

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  • The HMS Unicorn is the last known surviving sailing frigate of the Leda class of ship. It now rests in Dundee on the East Coast of Scotland. There is a picture below in an atmospheric monochrome.





    frigate unicorn scotlandforvisitors.co.uk

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  • Did you know that Scottish Canadians are the third-largest ethnic group in Canada and amongst the first Europeans to settle in the country. There are many towns, rivers and mountains that have been named in honour of Scottish explorers and traders such as Mackenzie Bay and Calgary. Indeed, even the province of Nova Scotia is Latin for New Scotland.

    One surprise, to me at least, was that the first documented Scots in Canada comes from the Saga of Eric the Red.  He led a Viking expedition to Vinland (literally, the land of meadows) and with him was the Viking prince Thorfinn Karlsefni who took two Scottish slaves to Vinland. the Scots had arrived!

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  • Naming a new born or a to-be-born is immensely pressurizing for new parents since the options are innumerable and that one special name is ever elusive. Canadian baby names could range from traditional, modern, popular, to unique but while choosing name for you little one, be it a boy or a girl, there are few things you should consider. As parents, it is your responsibility to make sure your child's name would grow in sync with him/her. 


    • Consider how the name sounds by itself, along with any middle name that you plan to give and with the surname. 
    • Most parents want their little one to have a unique name which distinguishes them from others. Going too far could result in living with a name that is often mispronounced and embarrassing. 
    • Always try to provide a significant name which has a pleasant meaning as well. Get help from numerous online sites that provide names and meanings.
    • Many children often have the misfortune of living with funny sounding initials. This will prove cruelly embarrassing especially during the child's academic years.
    • Picking a name needs some amount of consideration for the future of the baby. A name that sounds perfect during childhood may not sound as well when the baby grows into an adult.
    • If you want to keep close to traditions, go ahead, but keep your baby’s future in mind. If you are pressurized to give traditional names, you tweak it a little for it sound contemporary and keep a nickname of your choice to call your baby.
    • If you have not named your baby already, consider your baby’s personality. Most babies show some prominent character even during initial days.


    It is perfect if you could find a practical, easy-to-pronounce, meaningful name that you and your partner likes with due diligence to your family traditions. Being born in Canada gives a child the flexibility to be called a certain name, which changes according to province and as per government regulations. Generally they can be segregated as: Quebec & British Columbia and Ontario & other provinces.


    Quebec and British Colombia are comparatively more restricted in giving names that could be a source of embarrassment to its bearer due to prospective bullying. The Civil States Registrar will inform parents if there are issues and the matter will be taken to court if parents disagree to change their choice. On the other hand, Ontario and other provinces allow complete freedom apart from using symbols and numerals in child's name. Canada has the tradition of giving babies given name, surname and last name which usually represents the father’s last name. French Canada still supports a child being named up to four given names. 


    With due consideration to your traditions and culture, you could go for traditional, unique or popular names for your little bundle of joy. Your instincts are the best in deciding what is or will be best for your baby. So trust your instincts and analyze your options to give that perfect name to the little angel you love the most.


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