• Nowadays, it is a fashion trend to make various DIY items. Many people are fond of making beautiful things by themselves. With this popular trend, handmade jewelry begins to appear in the market. People prefer to make their exclusive fashion jewelry rather than buy finished products from local stores. They think it is a good way to get unique and stylish fashion jewelry to express their individuality.

    To make a fine piece of fashion jewelry, you need to prepare many things. Beads, cord, clasps, findings are four basic elements for any jewelry making project. Online stores offer many conveniences for jewelry makers to find all these jewelry making supplies. In order to cut down expenditure, people often choose to buy wholesale beads online. But wholesaler will require customers buy beads in bulk. So, it is quite possible to get surplus beads that are not used. How can we deal with these beads?

    Never worry about this. Besides fashion jewelry, we can apply the beads in many other aspects. Beads are essential for jewelry making. However, it doesn't mean that beads can only be used to make jewelry. If you have surplus beads, you can employ them to make other beautiful items.

    To adorn your attire
    It is a good idea to adorn attire with beads directly. These days, a simplified trend appears in the field of attire design. Designers tend to avoid any overmuch adornment. They begin to believe in the principle of simplification. Some people are in favor of this trend. But others may hope to add some unique items to highlight their attire. Beads will do help to these people. Just play your imagination. You can make a difference to your attire by add some special beads.

    Make a window curtain
    If you have accumulated a large mass of loose beads, it is a smart choice to make a beaded window curtain. In the past, people were accustomed to use window curtain made of cloth. But a cloth curtain usually leaves people a messy feeling. Then, beads can be a good substitution of cloth. Beaded window curtain will make an impression of pure and fresh, particularly in the summer.

    Replace the old watch chain
    Some people wear their watch everyday. The watch chain will be easily worn down. Many people may choose to buy a new watch chain to replace the old one. This will cost you a lot of money. Why not use these surplus beads to make a watch chain? Beaded watch chain is excellent and exceptional. There is no doubt that you will catch others' insight with it.

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  • In the field of jewelry, India is having great fame and recognition throughout the world. Indian jewelry is known for its uniqueness in art and design. Beads contribute a big share to the Indian jewelry market. Glass beads, Kashmiri beads, wood beads, clay beads, crystal beads, horn beads and a versatile range of other beads are well known for their utilization in the Indian jewelry market. Above all Indian handmade beads are one of the most adorable and demanded beads in the world. These handmade beads are so popular across the globe because of the exclusive craftsmanship of Indian craftsmen. One of the great examples to mention at this moment is of Lac beads which are appreciated and loved not only in Asia but across all the continents. Glass beads are the most popular ones and are available in a wide range of designs, colors and shapes. The Indian beads market has grown tremendously and still flourishing.

    When planning to purchase wholesale beads, you have to be careful. Obviously you should have beads that should be long lasting, durable and also do not loose their shine and shade with the time. Ideally you should inspect the beads for imperfections. Do not buy beads that are broken, chipped or scratched even if they are inexpensive. Beaded jewelry has number of styles and designs from traditional to the latest designs. Fine beaded jewelry adds grace to your personality. There is a number of search engines you can access to surf the online market and make your optimal choice. Wholesale beads are accessible online at reasonable prices for their products. Generally Wholesale beads are sold in bulk so you confirm the exchange facilities for your favor. The Price is also a great factor to be noticed.Usually multicolor stones jewelry are cheaper than the one with a single color stone. So, be smart to make a respectful deal and make sure your jewelry looks beautiful and attractive. The internet is an ideal choice to learn, inspect and take a good idea for the bead jewelry. There are thousands of website where you can explore a variety of beads available in the market. You can look for various designs, shades, colors and class of almost all the beads that are available in the market.

    You must keep a note of several points before planning to purchase beads jewelry online.

    1. The jewelry must be purchased only from reputed online stores. These stores must have a secure checkout.

    2. You should keep in mind both price as well as quality of the jewelry. There should be a proper balance among the two. So, you should plan your choice accordingly.

    3. You should also keep in mind the delivery charges also else it can disturb your expected budget.

    4. Preferably your choice should be of a store which offers a large range of selection that saves your time and gives you a great exposure to a variety of products.

    5. You should buy from a supplier which maintains a big stock in his store.

    6. The store should be a good customer service provider so that you can be in touch in case of any issues to be queried.

    7. If you are a customer who often purchases items, you should look for a store that offers discount on volume purchase.

    8. Also if your demand is of few parts only, you should look for a store where there is no or minimum order limit.


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  • If you are willing to go far and wide in making your bead accessory business a success, you have to know where to find wholesale beads aside form your present source. Bead accessory -making trends in designs and materials are periodically changing so you must be updated to the latest trends and new and innovative materials come and go. So its always an advantage if you have in your disposal several reliable wholesale beads suppliers to provide you with the right kind of materials you want and in quantities you specify.

    If you haven't tried the internet as a source for your wholesale bead supplies, now is the tine to explore the possibilities online beads suppliers have to offer. It's very easy to find reputable wholesale bead suppliers through online business directories or if you want, just type keywords like "wholesale beads" on your trusted search engine and you'll be directed to various website listings containing the keywords you've just typed.

    When doing business with these online beds suppliers, you have to establish right from the very start that you represent a registered business duly licensed and covered by your state laws regarding sales license and tax-exempt certificate issuance.

    This will permit you to purchase beads at wholesale prices and in bulk orders by presenting these certificated to online wholesale suppliers. In turn you have to verify the online wholesales themselves if they are duly registered and licensed to sell beads by asking for pertinent documents from them. There are a many scammers out there in the internet out to make a run for your money as well as unscrupulous trades who will try to shortchange you so be careful in doing business online.


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  • Chic and vibrant, sensuous and overtly expressive, beaded jewelries are one of the most coveted jewelries of the day. Chiseled into a wide assortment of shapes and designs these dainty finesses can accentuate every style from the ethnic to the modern haute couture. Beaded jewelries from sterling gold, silver and diamond beads to bright hued semi precious stones, crystals, ivory, pearl, wooden beads, clay beads, glass beads, metal beads and synthetic beads are making a thriving market nowadays. Following the current trend, reputed jewelry manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler are keeping beaded jewelries as one of the indispensable items of their collection. Available at wholesale rates these jewelries have influenced even the most astute of the retailers with their top graded quality, cutting edge designs and marvelous craftsmanship. Just spare some moments of your precious time and take a virtual tour to these dazzling array of beaded wholesale ornaments.

    Manufactured by some premier jewelry stores in India the wholesale beaded jewelry is churned to flawless finishes the products guarantee authenticity and genuineness. The sophisticated fineries have also won several accolades from the international market. They are the outcome of the innovative talents and high technical skills of some brilliant jewelry designers and craftsmen in India. Beaded wholesale jewelry awe-strike with their incredible variety of colors, shapes and tapestries. There are galore of colorful necklaces and matching dangling earrings to make for bulk buys. There are beaded fashion jewelries and costume jewelries to accessorize stylish and unconventional outfits as well time-honored pieces to sport with traditional wears. The retailers can also find spectacular beaded neck straps and bracelets in a wide array of colors, designs and sizes. There are fascinating beaded hair accessories and jewelry sets for party wears. The glowing gorgeous beads with ostentatious inlays prepare for a dramatic look The multi hued beaded bangles made from several types of colored beads are dramatic enough to embellish the hands.

    The retailers have now the liberty to make choices from miscellaneous beaded sets. The commercial and top quality beads will earn them good profit, as they will surely be able to attract all kind of customers from the old fashioned to the hip teens from these wholesale purchases. Moreover the price rates of the jewelries are considerably cheap in comparison to products from other online jewelry stores. All retailers are assured guaranteed and durable goods along with custom made services. The delivery and shipping of the products are carried out in time, without any delay. So if you have come up with some good choices from India Handicraft Store place bulk orders at wholesale rates unhesitatingly. Just request a quote specifying your quantity of the product. Make some good businesses as you move on. Here's wishing you all the best.


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  • Introduction
    A glass bead by a very basic definition means a small piece of glass with a hole through it, that can be put on a string with other similar or dissimilar beads and worn as an adornment, etc. Since glass beads are the most ancient and universal art form, they are considered anthropologically very significant. According to some archaeological piece of evidence, the history of glass beads dates back to the Roman reign. At the same time, some other studies reveal the use of sophisticated methods of making these beads in the Mesopotamia and Caucasus region (Russia), as early as 2340-2180 B.C. Besides the Roman and Mesopotamian culture, the history of these beads is also associated with the Mediterranean, Egyptian, and Venice cultures.

    The contemporary glass beads are much advanced and intricately designed than the ancient ones. They are available in a multitude of designs, shapes, sizes and colors. The small beads having elaborate designs are also sometimes called seed beads. Nowadays the beads made of glass are used in numerous jewelry items.

    Elementary Uses of Glass Beads
    Glass beads are used in primarily two kinds of applications. They are used for making curtains and are used in ornaments. But, their most prominent usage can be seen in the jewelry items. So let's discuss both of their uses one by one:

    1) Use for Curtains: Curtains made of glass beads are not mere curtains, but an interior decor item. The stones used for the fabrication of these curtains are multicolored, have intricate carvings, enticing finish, and bewitching coating. All these characteristics of these fabulous beads make the curtain a real decoration item. The common types of finishes that are found in these beads are Ceylon (pearl) finish, Greasy or Oily finish, Color Lined finish, Iridescent Finish, Metallic Finish, and many more finishes.

    2) Use for Jewelry: The most ancient application area for glass beads was jewelry making only. These beads are made in both factories and cottage industries, for the purpose of jewelry making. They are more intricately and precisely designed than any other bead. These stones are also used for the "collage" technique of jewelry making. The grace of these stones increases many a time, when they are used in contrast with gemstones and metal beads. We can say that the glass beads used for making adornments are most appealing, gleaming and conspicuous in nature.

    Common Types of Glass Beads
    However, there are numerous varieties of glass beads available at present, but it is not feasible to describe each and every one of them here. So we are explaining here the most common types, they are as mentioned below:

    1) Venetian: These beads have their origin in Venice, hence the name venetian. They are made by highly skilled Venetian artisans, who have acquired the expertise in this field through tradition. They are not mere beads, but the reflection of the rich Venetian culture.

    2) Handmade: Handmade glass beads are the epitome of the artisans' creativity and ingenuity. There are absolutely no constraints to the designs, shapes, colors, sizes, and varieties in which these fabulous adoration items are crafted. These stones are generally available in a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors & finishes.

    3) Chevron: They are one of the oldest kinds of beads. They were manufactured in the 14th century for the very first time. Since then, their popularity have increased many a time. These beads are composed of convoluted layers of multiple colors of glasses in diverse patterns. However, this bead comes in six, four, and five layers, its most popular variety is comprised of seven layers.

    4) Silver Foil: They possess a unique sheen, along with numerous brilliant colors. These beads are made by using a .925 sterling silver foil, which is submerged beneath the translucent colors of glass. They are made with great precision by skilled craftsmen. Their few common types include stamped silver foil, dotted silver foil, and two tone silver foil beads.

    5) Alphabet: As the name suggests, these beads are engraved with various alphabets. They are endowed with a smooth finish and dyed in various vibrant colors like blue, red, yellow, silver, golden, cream, and pink. Their common shapes are that of heart, button, square, round, and triangle. The materials commonly used for making them include glass, sterling silver, wood, acrylic, plastic, etc.

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