• The home business is not a easy one to follow as one might think. It requires more time and energy than a 8 hour day job. Most people think all you need is a product even though this is important but having one that people like is another.

    Pricing is another obstacle to over come. Most people think that if it is handmade it is not worth as much as one bought in a store. Even though there is more time put in a handcrafted piece,most individuals think it is not as valuable. Sure it's not a diamond or ruby,but the stones are not cheep. The beads themselves are not cheep either. Then you have the other materials that is needed to put a piece together. There is the wire and the clasp. Not to mention the tools that is required to make a necklace and the time is valuable as well. A necklace that cost 20. 00 dollars for the materials can't be sold for 10. 00 dollars or you would go bust in just the materials alone. So, when pricing your master piece include the materials that is required to make the thing. You can't get anything for your time unless you find a good place to sell at a price where you can include these things.

    Going to consignment shops can be a grave disappointment because when they get their share there is not enough left to cover your cost. Usually they want 20% of the sale price. Therefore,the price ends up being too high and individuals just don't want to pay that for them. Finding a place to sell your artisan jewelry is very difficult.

    The flea markets is not one to go to if a fixed price is desired. The folks at these places want something for nothing almost. They refuse to give you the amount that is requested. This is very discouraging to the one who is seeking to sell the item.

    Jewelry stores sometimes will sell the items for you at a descent percentage but they are few and far between. Knowing someone in the business is a real plus. If you are good terms with them,then they might give you a break.

    Going to shows is a disaster because there is usually more people there with the same crafts and this causes conflict with the value of the item. Going to a area where there is little competition is the answer. This way you can sell more at a more reasonable price and feel you are getting something for the efforts that was put into the project. Finding these places can be difficult. All you can do is try and hope for the best.

    Knowing the product is essential because you need to know exactly what the materials are and how much they cost to obtain them. This helps in setting a price. Don't give your stuff away. You have invested your money and time in the art and therefore you should be rewarded for at least most of the investment. However,there are times when a cut in the price maybe necessary depending on how badly you need the money. People seem to know when these times are and may take advantage of the situation.

    Don't get discouraged at the down times of sales. Keep on searching for new and inventive way to sell the articles that is in your possession.

    There are also times when you think you have a master piece when in reality it is only a daily fixture.

    Ask others for their op-ion and how they feel about it. Knowing the truth is more valuable than living a lie. Either you have talent in the field of crafting or you don't. If one field is not for you,pick another one that is in your interest. Don't let it get you down. Keep striving for excellence. This will pay off in the long run.

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  • You know how you are sitting in front of the television, and you see a commercial for a burger, and it is the greatest thing you have ever seen? Then you go to the restaurant, and it doesn't look anything like what was on TV. Not to say it doesn't taste great, but it hardly looks the same. The same can be true when you buy beads online. I would say your chances are better with the beads than the burger.

    It is very common with beads, that the picture you see online, is blown up, so that you can see color and detail better. On that note it is also lit for the picture with several bright, lights set up to achieve a perfect lighting effect. Real life is often times different than the ad we are presented with.

    Where size is concerned, that is a thing you learn with experience. I would suggest keeping a ruler handy. Don't laugh, here in America, though we are taught the metric system, it still isn't widely used. Most, if not all beading measurements, are done in millimeters. Millimeters can seem very small if you aren't used to them, but a ring with a five millimeter setting in it can be quite big on the wrong hand. Keep the ruler on hand at first so you can quickly look at it to get a better sense of size while you buy beads online. It might not be a bad idea to take it with you, to measure beads in a store, so you get a better understanding of what five millimeters translates into in three dimensions.

    Don't forget the lighting I mentioned either. A navy blue stone online might look just perfect for your project, but once home, and in the general lighting of your living room, it can be so dark as to appear to be black. Sparkle is the same way. Though it may be brilliant on the screen, it very well may lose it's pizazz once it reaches your door.

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  • These craft show ideas focus on things you can do to enhance your customers' shopping experience with you. One of the main reasons why people like to shop from a handmade business is the unique, customized products and services. Make your crafty business known for your phenomenal customer care and personal touches like these that keep customers coming back for more.

    Enhance visitors' shopping experience with these craft show ideas:

    1) Useful product packaging:

    When deciding how to package your handmade wares, consider providing interesting, re-usable containers with your business name and contact info on them.

    There are all kinds of environmentally friendly boxes, bags, and other containers that your customers can use for other purposes after they get your handmade product home. And they'll be reminded of your business each time they use them!

    Many successful artists put as much creativity into their product packaging as they put into the rest of their craft show ideas.

    I package many of my jewelry items in velvet jewelry pouches. My clients often use them as travel jewelry pouches - so they recall my jewelry business (where they got the lovely free pouch) every time they travel.

    2) Unexpected gift:

    This is one of the most fun craft show ideas. Have an assortment of unusual free goodies right at your checkout station, so you can put one in with each customer's purchase. It's a fun little surprise for them to discover when they get home.

    Good choices for this include any small treasures from your particular art form, small crystals or polished stones, business-size cards printed with empowering sayings or haiku poetry, etc.

    3) Keeping your customers' kids occupied:

    Come up with a few craft show ideas for keeping kids busy (and out of your display) while their parents shop in your booth.

    Provide something unusual and entertaining that children can play with safely at your booth, enabling their adults to have the lovely opportunity to shop without interruption. For instance, you might have some enticing containers filled with scraps and odds and ends of your supplies. Or have some type of hands-on creative toy.

    In my booth I provide a fascinating-looking "treasure chest" filled with a variety of tumbled gemstones, plus a couple of sturdy plastic cups. I tell older children they have to find the prettiest rock in the treasure chest - which means they usually take a good long time sorting through the entire of the contents of the chest! Then I let them keep the stone they chose as prettiest - which always results in delighted smiles.

    Younger children can stay busy for ages filling the plastic cups to the brim with the tumbled stones, and pouring them back out into the chest.


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  • Halloween usually conjures up images of strange shapes, dark movie characters and popular animals. These days though, these common figures can be made in more ways than one and using an assortment of different materials. Here are the top eleven variations on the most popular Halloween arts and crafts for kids.


    It's not necessary for you to buy plastic bats for Halloween decorations. You can easily cut patterns or two dimensional bats from construction paper or cartolina. Bat Halloween arts and crafts for kids can also be creatively made out of egg cup cartons to hang or out of clothes pins to clip on curtains.


    Gone are the days of messy pumpkin carving. You can easily have pumpkin paper lanterns as Halloween arts and crafts for kids projects. If you don't like lanterns, you can still make pumpkins out of paper plates, milk containers and construction paper. One other great alternative would be pumpkin baskets made of paper mache.


    Paper plates and cardboard can be used when making a witch Halloween arts and crafts for kids. As an alternative, you can create a witch doctor look instead of a western witch by incorporating beaded necklaces and homemade stuffed voodoo dolls.


    Spiders are among the most popular Halloween arts and crafts for kids. Spiders can be as simple as construction paper or egg cup carton hangers. They can also be made of pom poms or colored cotton balls.


    Vampire masks with fangs can be easily made with paper plates. More imposing ornamental life size vampires however can be made out of coat hangers and black garbage bags.


    UFOs are not typical Halloween figures but stories about alien abductions sure make scary Halloween tales. Make UFOs out of paper plates that you can hang from the ceiling. You might also want to complement the ships with cookies shaped like stereotypical aliens instead of ginger bread men.


    Worms in cans can be made of brown crepe paper. They can seem yuckier to the touch though if you use gummy candies and cooked spaghetti.


    Just like spiders, ghosts can also have a lot of variations. You can make ghost Halloween arts and crafts for kids made of socks, packing foam, old cloths, crepe paper, helium filled balloons, white painted jars, tissue and clay.

    The Mummy

    For a mummified figure, you can wrap a jar with tissue paper or gauze. Cut out some eyes from construction paper and stick them on the jars before you put on the tissue so you can have the eyes slightly covered and just peeking.


    What's Halloween without black cats? Use paper plates to create cat masks or some cotton and crepe paper to create billowing streamers.


    The most common skeleton man would be made out of white or luminous paint on black background. You can however create a good looking skeleton with different kinds of pasta.

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  • Crafting handmade pottery bowls is a fun way to create personal pieces for your dining area. Since you will create your very own masterpiece, you put a more personal touch to your home. Once you get to know more projects about handmade pottery, you will come up with very interesting pieces for your home.

    For beginners, it would be more convenient to have the clay prepared and wedged for you. The process of wedging the clay removes all the bubbles out. If you have done handmade pottery before, you can wedge your own clay. Make sure that there are no air pockets and the consistency of the clay is stiff. Take note that wedging plays a huge part in forming your clay. The clay should be stiff yet malleable enough to be mold into different shapes.

    The first thing you need to do when wedging is to take a piece of clay and slam it onto the table. Take your wire cutter and slice the slab until you come up with smaller pieces. Put these small pieces on top of the other, using the same direction. Do this until there are no air packets in the clay.

    One good idea for you to come up with good designs is to look at handmade pottery magazines. This will give you an idea on what type of design you want to do on your pottery bowls. Now you have a design, weigh your clay and use only the amount that you will on a certain project so nothing will be put to waste. Prepare the dimensions of your desired pottery bowls.

    Get a portion of your clay then throw it onto the potter's wheel. If you are adept to handmade pottery, you will be able to measure the clay you need without relying on any measuring tools. But this is also a way for you to experiment and get to know the process of handmade pottery.

    Now that you got the clay all set, it's time to make your pottery bowls. Get a portion of the clay and throw it at the center of the wheel. While you are spinning the wheel, pat the sides of the clay until it makes a shape of a cone. Force the clay into the center.

    Operate the wheel to move faster, this time, get water and wet the clay with your hands. Push your body to force the clay to go downward.

    Continue repeating until you are satisfied with the smoothness of the clay. Use your hands to create the bowl. Use one hand to hold the sides of the bowl while you bring the other hand down to the center to create the hole.

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