• When you are choosing beads for jewelry making you must consider the person that will be working with the items. You have to consider the skill level of that person. Then you consider the fragility of the beads, the price of the items, and the availability, or how easy they are to find.

    There are many different types of beads on the market, and you will find that there are beads in every price range. The following is a list of some of the items that are available and some of their characteristics.

    Swarovski crystal beads
    Swarovski crystal beads for jewelry making are best purchased for a crafter that is experienced and has some knowledge of the art of making perfect pieces. The Swarovski beads are luxurious pieces made in Austria. They come in an endless array of sizes, styles, colors, and finishes, but they are slightly more expensive than some other bead selections, and they may not be appropriate for children to work with, or for a beginning jeweler.

    Metal beads
    Metal beads for jewelry making are appropriate for any level of jeweler. They are hard to damage, they are not overly expensive, and they are easy to work with.

    Wooden beads
    Wooden beads for jewelry making can be used by the beginning jeweler and by the more experienced jeweler as well. These beads are very inexpensive and they have a wide range of possibilities. The items come in many sizes and shapes and they can be varnished, or painted, or decorated to suit the needs of the jeweler.

    Gemstone Beads
    Gemstone beads come in many styles, shapes, and sizes, but they are not appropriate for all levels of jewelry making. These are items that are better suited for use by professionals because they can be damaged, and they are more expensive than many other types of beads.

    Porcelain beads
    Porcelain beads are excellent beads for jewelry making but they are rather delicate. Because these beads are easily broken, chipped, or damaged, they are not well suited for beginners.

    Seed beads
    Most seed beads are round in a shape. They are great items for beginners and experienced artists to work with. They are priced in all price ranges so everyone can find some of these beads that they can afford.

    Glass beads
    Glass beads come in all shapes and sizes. They can be found in all color spectrums and all price ranges. They are easy to work with, easy to find, and hard to damage.

    Pearls are a natural occurring gem that are expensive to buy and not well suited to beginning jewelry artists. You can buy man-made pearls that can be used by beginners to create fashion pieces.

    Acrylic beads
    Acrylic beads have some of the same characteristics as glass beads. They are shiny, they come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, and they are pretty hard to break. They are affordable so everyone will be able to find some of them that they can afford to buy. They are man-made items that are readily available in many different market places.


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  • Many people like to do things for themselves. These do-it-yourself people try to find out if making beads at home is cheaper than buying wholesale acrylic beads. Wholesale acrylic beads are available online from many different merchants, but the main problem with them is the fact that the crafter winds up with a large amount of beads that are the same size, shape, and color.

    Wholesale acrylic beads can be purchased by a group of jewelry makers so that they can split up the large number of the beads they get. This lessens the amount of beads one person has to store and use.

    Wholesale acrylic beads may seem cheap when you calculate the price per bead that you will be paying, but do not forget to add in the amount of shipping fees you will have to pay for the items. The additional money that you pay to get the items shipped to your home may make the individual beads cost more than you wish to pay.

    Wholesale acrylic beads have to be ordered, and then you have to wait for the shipment to come in. Sometimes the crafter needs the beads before the order arrives, and sometimes when they want more of one certain color, size, or shape, they discover the merchant they bought the beads from in the past no longer carries the ones they are wanting to buy. This can be frustrating if you are making jewelry pieces that are selling well.

    Making the beads you want at home will allow you to make only the colors, sizes, and shapes, that you need, but the process is time consuming, and requires that you have an area in your home that you can work in.

    Your work area will need to be well ventilated because the acrylic epoxy kit that you will use to create the beads can cause toxic fumes in tightly enclosed places. You want to be able to let plenty of fresh air into the room you are working in.

    You will need to compare the amount of money that you have to pay for the modeling clay that you will make your molds from, the talc that you will use to keep the molded clay from sticking to your hands, and other objects, the cost of the acrylic epoxy kit, the cost of the wire you use, the cost of the dyes required to make the beads the right color, and the cost of the utilities, like gas, that it takes to heat the oven you bake the molds in. Add to all of these costs what you time is worth, and then divide the number of pieces you made into it to determine if the wholesale acrylic beads are more cost effective to buy.


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  • Prayer beads are used by followers of a number of religions including Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Bahai Faith and Christianity. They are used to count the repetitions of prayers, devotions, for meditation, protection against negative energy and for relaxation.

    Prayer beads, which were first used by Hindus in 500 BC and may be linked to the invention of the abacus by the Chinese, may have physical, metaphysical and psychological effects on their users. They allow the user to keep track of prayers with little effort by almost subconsciously counting out the beads.

    Prayer beads are used in three widely accepted ways:

    - repetition of the same devotion a set number of times.

    - repetition of several different prayers in a pattern.

    - meditation.


    The earliest known users of prayer beads, they call them Japa Mala, Japa meaning repeating of a mantra and Mala a garland. The most common mala have 108 beads, thought to signify the number of sins or names of Hondu gods,or 27 which are counted four times. They are typically made from Tulasi wood and Rudraksha seeds.


    Also known as Japa Mala, Tibetan Buddhists also use 108 beads, one mala counting as 100 mantras and eight extra to be dedicated to all sentient beings. They sometimes use a slightly larger mala of 111 beads, again one mala being calculated as 100 mantras and the additional eleven to compensate for errors. In China, wrist malas are often made of 27 beads and are sometimes referred to as prostration rosaries, as they are easier to hold when prostrate. They can be made of wood, seeds or animal bone. Semi precious stones such as amethyst and carnelian, are also used.


    In Islam, the prayer beads are known as Misbaha or Tasbih and are made up of 99 beads corresponding to the names of Allah. Smaller ones are made of 33 beads rotated three times. They are traditionally used to keep count of the prayer known as Tasbih of Fatima or are sometimes used as worry beads for relieving stress. They are made of wood or date pits produced in Mecca.


    Sikhs use 108 beads to pray and meditate by repeating God's name. The mala may be a metal chain strung with beads of steel, sandalwood or plastic, or a smaller version using anything from 7 to 58 beads strung on rigid steel.


    When the first rosaries were made, 150 beads were used representing the number of psalms in the bible. That number is still used although there are variations of one third and two thirds, representing different types of prayer. Catholics use the Holy Rosary with 54 beads plus an additional 5 beads as prayer beads. They are usually composed of beads made of glass, amethyst Quartz, onyx or pearl, with a silver or gold crucifix at the centre. Eastern Orthodox Christians use 33, 50 or 100 knots of wool or sometimes beads to pray although these are mainly used by the higher clergy in the church.


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  • If you have decided to try out making your own jewelry, then you should be well aware that there are many different tools that come in handy. Between chains, strings, pliers, and the actual beads, you have a wide variety of choices, and you should be sure to understand what each of these tools does.

    Pliers are very important when it comes to making jewelry. If you think that one pair of pliers will be enough for all of your jewelry making needs, then you are very wrong. There are many different kinds of pliers, and they are all suited for very different tasks.

    Flat nose pliers are one of the most common types of pliers for making jewelry. This tool was designed for making right angles and sharp bends in wire, which comes into play when creating earrings or other pieces of jewelry. Flat nose pliers are also great for gripping flat objects and straightening bent wire.

    Crimping pliers are unique in the way they are designed as well as what they were designed for. This tool is used for making a crimp tube into a round bead, which can help you to create more attractive, unique jewelry. Looping pliers have a round nose and a groove so that you can use them to create the same size loops every time you reach for them.

    Chain nose pliers come into play when you are creating wire jewelry designs. This tool gives you the ability to reach all of the loops and angles that you would otherwise have a hard time getting to with a regular straight pair of pliers. Not all jewelry makers need chain nose pliers, but if you plan on dabbling in wire work, then you should invest in a pair.

    Round nose pliers are perfect for fine, delicate work such as creating loops and curves. They are also helpful when looping wire for beading and wire-wrapping designs. If you plan on working in wire wrapping, you must have a pair of round nose pliers on hand.

    Split ring pliers are designed to open split rings and to make attachments easy and fast. The steel nose separates rings and keeps them that way while you secure the findings for your jewelry.

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  • When it comes to haute monde jewelry, one of the newest rages is glass beads for necklaces, earrings, chokers, rings and other jewelry items. Purchasing your beads in bulk or in smaller lots for easier consumption makes your projects easier. No matter the type of glass beads that are being looked for, many suppliers do have high quality beads for jewelry making. The question would be if you wanted to use an online or offline supplier in order to have an adequate supply of the beads in order to finish your bead creation.

    A simple search engine search can provide you with many different bead dealers, wholesale or retails. Simply input the term into the search bar and the listings will present you with many different suppliers of high quality beads for your next project. Creating glass jewelry is time consuming at times, depending on the piece that you are working on at present. The difficulty level will also be concerned with the type of bead jewelry that you are making. Different types and styles of beadwork take varying amounts of time to make jewelry that is hot and fashionable.

    Once you have the supplier chosen, it is time to get down to designing and creating glass bead jewelry. Sketching out the design can help you see visually where the jewelry would look the best. Creating it is what takes the longest time but has the best result. Glass bead jewelry goes as far back as the Native Americans or other indigenous peoples. This proves that the history of creation and use of this type of jewelry is long indeed. Adorable chokers have been designed with glass beads to create a fashionable, yet inexpensive piece of one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry to wear.

    No matter what you are designing or creating, using beads insures that the jewelry is both up-to-date and modern at the same time. Glass beads have many uses and not just for jewelry though. Many pieces of fine jewelry can also be created from beads in order to create a high fashion look that is unique to the individual. Why use lower quality beads if you do not have to? The quality of bead will determine the look of the individual piece in question. Lower quality beads will ruin the look of bead jewelry and is to be avoided.

    When looking for supplies of beads, be sure you know who you are dealing with when it comes to suppliers. People have been defrauded due to dealing with shady retailers and wholesalers so make sure that you do the appropriate research before purchasing glass beads. The amount of quality beads in a design really does make a noticeable difference. Know your supplier well when it comes to glass beads, as there are fakes out there that come with high price tags in order to part you from your money. High quality beads make the difference when it comes to glass bead jewelry and haute monde fashions.


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