• U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall of children's jewelry that is with excessive cadmium and made in China. The move is made out of children's jewelry contains toxic metal cadmium, if it is ingested by children accidentally, it will cause adverse health effects and harmful to kidneys and bones.

    When talking about buying jewelry for gift ideas, genuine gold jewelry should always on your minds. It is because genuine gold jewelry will never do any harm to our body. In fact, the gold element is good for health; gold element has been widely used as food ingredient and for facial treatment nowadays. It is because gold element is like vitamins and minerals, it is something that we need to sustain balance of internal healthiness, but we are not going to supplement easily as we thought. By wearing genuine gold jewelry, gold element will be absorbed by skin from time to time, it is the reason why gold jewelry is forever loved by ancient Chinese and Indians.

    Yes, some people will buy fake jewelry because it is cheap in price, in a price range of 20 bucks or something; you would own a piece of jewelry that seems to be just as good as genuine gold jewelry. So why should I spend more for gold jewelry? However, if you are looking at the price per every 3 months, you should always notice that $20-buck fuck jewelry can serve you for a few months only. However, a genuine gold jewelry can serve you forever.

    Do you have the experience that you bought a favorite fake jewelry, you love to wear it everywhere for a period of time, and then put it in the shelf for months, and one day when you want to wear it again, it has already become rusty, stained or discolored? If this happens, it means the fake jewelry has oxidized and might be causing chemical sensitive to skin if you dare to wear it.

    These are bad experience, aren't they? So you have to think about it, you pay 20 bucks to buy fake jewelry, only to wear it for a few months at the end. What's more, you will never know what the chemical compositions are in the fake jewelry, and how bad they are going to damage and cost your health.

    However, if you buy genuine gold jewelry, it will not discolor. It will not have stains. The glitter of diamonds is kept forever. You will have your favorite jewelry just like a new piece whenever you need it.

    300 bucks to buy genuine gold jewelry with diamonds or other gemstones in fancy design, but you will have it for the rest of your life. When compared to spending $20 bucks for fake jewelry for a few months, $300 spend in genuine gold jewelry is absolutely more wisely spend and well thought. Taken that you own the gold jewelry for 20 years, you are buying the real piece for $3.75 for every 3 months!

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  • This kind of bracelet has been around for ages and today's young girls will delight in wearing a Disney charm bracelet. As with any bracelet of this kind you start by owning the bracelet with the links to add your charms. Then you can begin the actual fun of collecting them! There are a wide variety of charms to choose from and each one is beautiful.

    Pick Your Charm

    Wearing Disney charm bracelets allows you to display your favorite Disney character for the entire world to see. You can start small by buying the bracelet and one charm or you can opt to buy a ready to go bracelet complete with a whole set of Disney charms. If finances are an issue the first option would be better. It is also a better choice if you want to give the Disney charms as gifts for things like birthdays or Christmas.

    Different Types of Charm Jewelry

    There are so many different kinds of charm jewelry you can choose from when selecting the perfect one for you or for a gift. There are the Disney Italian charm bracelets. These are the kind that you can add and remove links to create a cute bracelet instead of the typical dangling charms. The charms that can be found for these are simply adorable. Everything from a patriotic Mickey Mouse to Tigger or Tinkerbell. Wear your favorites for awhile and then swap them for something new. Italian charm bracelets make it easy and the charms are not as easily lost this way.

    Disney Jewelry Keepsakes
    When you buy something like a silver Disney charm bracelet for the favorite girl in your life or for yourself it becomes a keepsake. You can then pass these Disney jewelry pieces on to your daughter or special little girl. And Disney jewelry is not only for little girls - grown up girls love them as well. Every woman out there has a little bit of 'Tink' somewhere inside.

    Disney Charm Bracelet - Wear Some Fun

    When you buy one of these bracelet you are buying some fun! For years Disney has allowed everyone out there to relive their childhood and favorite fantasies through the movies. Wearing Disney jewelry allows the fun to continue. You can color coordinate with your outfit or your favorite Donald Duck shirt. Why not grab your Cinderella purse and put on your matching charm bracelet? You can even hang the charms on a necklace or sew them onto a purse for even more fun. The ideas and options truly are endless.

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  • There has been a real revival of the arts and crafts movement over the past five years. Hobbies like jewellery making, glass painting, wood carving, sewing and knitting have come back in to fashion amongst the young and trendy. Two hobbies that have really come in to their own in recent years are card making and scrapbooking. Their popularity has soared and overtaken that of previous years and is still growing rapidly. A large number of shops now carry a range of card making and scrapbooking supplies that are great for beginners as well as more experienced card makers.

    If you are a beginner that I would suggest that a card making kit is the best way to start off your new hobby. If this is the first time you have purchased a card making kit there are a few things that you need to look out for.

    Theme - Card making kits usually come in a variety of themes. These themes can be based around a certain design such as butterflies or cars or they can be based around a technique such as stamping or quilling. You may have a certain birthday coming up for which you need a special card. If so, try to pick a kit that will help you make cards suitable for that occasion.

    Contents - A lot of kits contain things that look absolutely great in the packet but in reality they aren't much use. Steer clear of kits that are primarily made up of sequins and small gems. Whilst these things are of great use in card making you can't make a whole card design out of them. There are two main basics a kit should contain; card blanks and envelopes. Everything else included will depend upon the theme and type of the kit. You will usually find things like buttons, ribbons, stickers, die cuts and an assortment of paper as well as a small quantity of sequins and gems.

    Instructions - If you are a beginner that have some instructions to follow will be of great help to you. Usually you will get a small sheet of instructions included or a picture of the finished card for you to copy. However, things are changing. As with most things, card making is also becoming incredibly digital. If a picture speaks a thousand words then a video must surely surpass that. Finding a card making supplier who produces high quality instructional videos is great for beginners as they can actually be guided through the process and taught techniques as they go!

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  • Jewelry display cases are available in a vast range of designs, colors, materials and sizes. Jewelry cases should add to the beauty of jewels exhibited. They should keep the jewelry secure from theft and other kinds of damage. Also, the display need (home, collection, retail outlet) must be kept in mind while choosing a display case or box.

    The display case material needs to be strong, with proper security devices likes locks. TechnoDisplay displays have tempered glass, lights and locks for security. If you need to travel with the entire jewelry set then the jewelry display case needs to be compact, light, and portable.

    The issue of aesthetics is the next consideration. Antique jewelry and watches or heavy gold and silver jewelry sets look best in wooden display cases that are elegant and have an old world charm. Contemporary minimalist jewelry or Swarovsky pieces harmonize with aluminum and glass/ acrylic displays. Since individual pieces like chains, ear rings and finger rings are small items, they look poor if simply deposited in a large cabinet. Each individual piece needs to be put on a stand, and then the stand can either be put in a showcase or a shelf. Display case stores also retail such stands. The website JewelSupply.com sells necklace cases with a bar for draping necklaces and earring stands shaped like T-bar, tree, or whale fin. Rings are put on finger shaped displays that are then put inside display cabinets.

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  • Ready or not here it comes, spring has almost arrived and summer is peeking around the corner. With it, the newest fashion trend in girls' hair accessories is showing up in every boutique across the country and is as girly as it gets. Marabou and ostrich puffs are the hottest trend of the season for baby headbands and hats as well as toddlers and even girls' ponytails.

    Any time a new product appears, tons of new questions arise too. What are they? How do I wear them? Can I make them myself? And more importantly how much are they going to hurt my pocketbook?

    The term ostrich and marabou are often used interchangeably in the hair bow market although they are actually two different products. Both are types of feathers. Marabou is made primarily from turkey, while ostrich is made from, well, you guessed it, ostrich. Marabou tends to contain shorter, denser strands while ostrich feathers are longer and create a beautiful curly form and both make a stunning display when turned into a hair piece. The confusion with these two terms comes in because while marabou is commonly found in strands alone, ostrich is manufactured with marabou as the base and layers of ostrich are intertwined. Manufacturers do this because ostrich is significantly more expensive and the cost to purchase ostrich alone is astronomical for most of us. The more layers present, often called ply, of ostrich, the thicker the feathers and the more expensive the material.

    Ostrich and marabou puffs can be purchased in two basic forms. They can come attached to a clip or also on a piece of circular elastic commonly called a cuff. In order to determine which of the two best suits your needs, it is important to determine the primary use for your hair piece. If your baby or girl will be attaching it to her headband, then the marabou or ostrich attached to a clip would be ideal. The clips can be used in conjunction with a bow or flower attached to them or they can also be worn alone. The cuffs can be used in place of a ponytail holder, so they are primarily used for older girls.

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