• It doesn't matter whether you are just starting out into the craft of jewelry making or are an experienced crafter, it is important that you shop around for wholesale jewelry supplies.

    There are several reasons for this such as...

    · Naturally, the cost factor is one of the biggest reasons for wanting to shop for wholesale jewelry supplies. It is particularly important if you are planning on selling the jewelry that you make. As you progress in your homemade jewelry business you are hopefully going to find that there is an increase in demand for what you are making. When this happens, you want to have a good supply of the jewelry materials on hand and in addition to know that you have good source for wholesale jewelry supplies.

    · Another reason for making sure that you are getting your jewelry supplies at wholesale prices is so you can stay competitive. If you are paying top dollar for your jewelry items then you are going to have to charge more to recoup your costs when you sell your items. If on the other hand you have a good selection of wholesale jewelry supplies in stock then you can sell your finished jewelry for less and stay competitive price wise in the market.

    · Finally, another great reason for purchasing your jewelry making materials wholesale is that you can then afford to buy in bulk. This is convenient if you are buying your wholesale jewelry supplies online. Most often with bulk orders you can get an even better price or at the very least save on the shipping costs.

    Quite often newbies to the craft of jewelry making don't realize that there is more to making jewelry then just having the jewels and the stones. There are all the extras that you require as well for your finished products. For example there is the clasps, a variety of threading materials, ear wires, bead tips, and even a selection of jewelry needles, and this is just to name a few of the necessities. So you can see that without taking the opportunity to purchase wholesale jewelry supplies the costs can soon mount up.

    Another thing you may want to keep in mind to is to do a little research into finding a good wholesale jewelry supplier. Ideally, you will want one that carries a good stock of everything that you are going to require for your jewelry making. This way you can make it a one-stop shop. These types of items are great for shopping online. It's easy to click through the web pages and clearly see all the items being offered by that supplier. It's far less confusing than going to an on land store where it can be almost overwhelming.

    You may be new to the world of jewelry making and starting out with the intention of just making a few pieces for yourself as a hobby. Most probably though 95% of those in the homemade jewelry business have started out with this intention as well. It's not very long before their jewelry becomes in demand and they suddenly find themselves in the jewelry making business. So you can see why it's a good idea to start buying your wholesale jewelry supplies right from the start.



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  • Howlite beads are naturally white in color, but they are often dyed to imitate turquoise and lapis lazuli. The charcoal veins in the stones resemble web like structures that are commonly found in turquoise and due to their porous nature, they can be dyed quite easily. Turquoise is more expensive than howlite and this is the reason most people dye howlite to imitate turquoise. Howlite beads which have been dyed often sell for more than natural white howlite beads.

    Pronunciation - the name is pronounced the way it is spelt: "how" "lite".

    Origin - Howlite stones were first found by a mineralogist named Henry How in the 19th century. They were found in Nova Scotia. Today, these stones are commonly mined in California. The properties of this allow it to be molded or carved into howlite beads. Howlite beads are used for making jewelry such as necklaces, earrings and pendants.

    Appearance - howlite beads are white, grey or brown in their natural state and are laced with charcoal spider web like structures. When these are polished, they become lustrous. The composition is quite similar to that of turquoise, but the absence of copper is responsible for the white color of the stone. In turquoise, the presence of copper gives it its green or blue color.

    Uses - those who sell howlite often dye them to resemble turquoise because turquoise is a stone that sell for far more than natural howlite. But, some people also sell howlite in its natural form. Whether they are in their natural form or have been dyed, they are perfect for jewelry making projects. There are some people who believe that howlite has certain healing powers. Some believe that howlite can help reduce pain, while others wearing jewelry made out of howlite can help reduce tension and anxiety.

    Where Can They Be Found - they are widely available online. You can also find them in jewelry supply outlets and stores.

    Taking Care Of Your Howlite - since they have high porosity and low hardness, a lot of care must be taken when dealing with them. Here are some things that you can do to protect your howlite beads or howlite jewelry from damage.

    - Avoid sharp temperatures as they can weaken the structure of the beads. This means that apart from sunlight, you must also keep them away from ovens and stones.

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  • Hessonite is a beautiful gemstone which is mainly found in Brazil, Canada, East Africa, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Found in various shades of orange color ranging from light orange to dark brownish orange these gemstones are believed to be ruled by the planet 'Dragon Head'.

    The planet dragon Head symbolizes mind related issues such as trauma, insanity, indecisiveness, etc. In order to avoid the ill-effects of this planet, Indian mythologists suggest people to wear hessonite gemstone in the form of a ring or a pendant. According to believers, hessonite can not only reduce the bad effects of planet dragon head but can also increase brain capabilities and sharpness.

    Experts suggest that a careful approach must be adopted before buying hessonite for a spiritual purpose as any small mistake can lead to severe consequences. For example, in terms of the color, the best hessonite gemstone should reflect honey color while all other types of hessonites with colors red, green, yellow, blue, brown and orange are not considered to be the appropriate for this purpose. Also, the clarity of the stone matters tremendously. The best suitable hessonite gemstone for the planet dragon head should be clear, delicate, and lustrous with color distributed uniformly all across the stone. If all this is kept in mind before buying the precious gemstone then according to believers it can ward off all the evil effects of the planet and bring great luck, fearlessness, clarity in thoughts and immense spiritual growth. It is mostly worn in combination with silver metal and must never weigh more than 3 carats.

    In Hindu families, hessonite gemstone cannot be worn by everyone but only a person whose horoscope indicates strong influence of planet dragon head. A birthstone for those who are born in the month of January, this beautiful orange gemstone is considered to be able to bring positivity and success in the wearer's life. According to a very strange Hindu ritual, when a person who is influenced by dragon head dies, the hessonite is kept in his mouth to save his soul to wander before taking a re-birth.

    In order to reap maximum benefit, one must buy the gemstone only from an authorized and trustworthy source. A slight negligence in the selection of the gemstone may cost a person an arm and a length if he/she believes in the hidden spiritual and holistic powers of this splendid and alluring gemstone.

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  • Different kinds of materials are used for making beads, however, the gemstone beads are known for their own beauty and charm. So if you are planning to buy a new set of jewelry or make a design by yourself, the gemstone beads would be the right kind of beads to lay your hands on. These beads are generally produced in different sizes, colors and shapes and you will also get a wide price margin which will help you to choose the beads, keeping in mind your budget.

    These beads will add a huge amount of grace to your jewelry and will make your jewelry look a class apart. These beads can be used in any kind of jewelries starting from earrings, necklaces, chokers or bracelets and can be used in thousands of different ways to achieve what you exactly wish for. However, it is very important to determine what and how you wish to use these beads for before you spend money on them.

    There are different types of gemstone beads which you can use according to your choice of design. There are various colors of these beads and each color has different kind of beads. For example, the yellow gemstone beads have three main types of gems, citrine, yellow topaz and diamond respectively. Red gemstones are garnet, ruby, spinet and coral. The pink gemstones are Tourmaline and sapphire. Green gemstones are jade, emerald, peridot and green sapphire. Iolite, chalcedony, tanzanite, lapiz lazuli, amethyst and aquamarine are some of the blue and violet gemstone beads. In browns and greys you can find diamonds and smoky quartz. White gemstone beads are opal, diamonds and quartz. There are some diamonds which are black in color as well. Another type of gemstone beads which are black in color are known as onyx.

    All these different types of gems have different prices which essentially depend on their gemological properties. For an example, if you are looking for softer and an elegant gemstone bead, then chalcedony would be the best choice, however, these beads are not to be used for making jangling bracelets since there is a possibility of the beads chipping off due to constant friction with different objects. For making such jewelries the ideal gemstone beads would be blue topazes or sapphires since they are highly durable.

    The sizes of these gemstones are also important to consider while using them for making jewelries. The smallest of these beads have a diameter of 2mm and the biggest ones can go up to 26mm in diameter. The smaller beads are generally available in strands and the bigger ones can b bought in numbers. The strands can range from 15 inches to 20 inches and can be cut into different shapes.

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  • A bead is a crafting accessory and it serves a number of purposes. Beads can be used to embellish clothing such as skirts, tops and scarves and they can also be used in craft projects. But, the most common use of beads is in jewelry making. Whether you are a crafter or a jewelry designer, you will need plenty of beads at a time to work with. This is the reason it is a good idea to consider buying wholesale beads.

    Buying wholesale is cheaper than buying piecemeal and it also helps save time and energy. When you buy wholesale beads online, you don't even have to go to a crafts store and do your selection. Simply choose online, make a payment and your order will be delivered to your doorstep. Buying wholesale presents many benefits, but there are a number of things that you must consider when looking for wholesale beads.

    Choosing beads can be a challenge because the beads have to match your specific project whether it is jewelry making, crafting, scrapbooking or other projects. You must understand your options first in order to choose the right beads for your project. When it comes to choosing wholesale beads, you need to look at the following things:

    Size - beads are available in different sizes and before you make your selection, you must consider how you intend to use them. The beads you choose much fit in scale with your project. For example, if you have a large pendant that you will be incorporating, then you will need large beads to complement the look. Small beads will not match a large pendant. On the other hand, if you are looking to give your quilt a whole new look by embellishing it with beads, then you must choose small beads as larger beads will make the quilt uncomfortable to use.

    Shape - shape is another factor that is important because this will have a huge impact on the appearance of the final product. You can find wholesale beads in many shapes including rounds, rectangles, oblongs, squares, ovals and a whole range of irregular shapes.

    Appearance - one of the most distinguishing features of wholesale beads is their appearance. It is easy to be drawn in by all the attractive beads out there but a good shopper is one who looks at all the possibilities before making a choice. The appearance of beads is mainly dictated by its color, manufacturing method and texture.

    Hole - another thing that must be looked at is the hole. Beads should have a functional hole that can be used to string wires and threads. Considering the size of the hole is also important because some beads have very small holes and some have large. Low quality beads will usually have irregular shaped holes which can make threading difficult. Therefore, you must consider the size of the holes and make sure that it works with the intended project.

    Material - today, beads are made using a variety of materials. Some of the affordable ones include plastic, acrylic and glass. These are also synthetic materials and are widely available at cheaper prices. Some materials tend to be a little more expensive. These include certain types of metals such as gold and sterling silver. Natural materials such as wood, ceramics and stone are also often used in the creation of beads and these are affordable as well. However, if you have a larger budget, you can consider specialty beads as well such as Millefiori and Lampwork beads.

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