• If you are a parent of a young child it is likely that you will be asked by the school to provide support in some way or another. Many schools underfunded and rely on the support of parents to provide pupils with the best opportunities possible. Rather than asking for outright donations, many schools prefer to put on fundraising events which also help to build the community spirit. One of the main fundraising events that schools have is the Summer Fayre. They can use these fayres to help to raise money for the school so that they can make vital repairs during the summer holidays and by new supplies for the start of the next school year. Parents often have to come up with a stall idea or donate goods, in order to support these events. If you need inspiration for a fun and funky stall to run at your next Summer Fayre, you should try thinking about all the fun then you can have with wholesale beads.

    As well as being one of the coolest ideas for the fayre having fun with wholesale beads is also one of the easiest. Whilst the other parents may find themselves sweating away in the kitchen, baking cakes in the run up to the school fair you will have never had it easier. Wholesale beads are widely available, inexpensive, (usually) non-toxic, available in bright color and incredibly fun to use. All that you will need to do before the event is to order some wholesale beads and a few other jewelry making supplies and then just sit back and wait for the big day. If you are buying them off of the internet, just make sure that you give them enough time to arrive!

    On the big day self all you will need a table and a few chairs. On top of the table, you should set up your wholesale beads in boxes according to their color, size and shape. Once the boxes are arranged to you will be ready to go. Children can come up to you and pay money to "buy a seat at the table" and some beading cotton. Tie a knot about an inch from the end and stick the cotton down to the table top near the knot. Whilst they are at the table, they can then choose the beads that they want and then just thread them on the beading cotton. Once they have filled up the cotton with beads you can then help to tie it around their wrist like a beautiful new bracelet. They can then wear these bracelets all summer as a reminder of the end of term Fayre.

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  • A lot of things are sold at a discount online. Most things that you buy online that have a big reduction in the price are actually of lesser quality than the full price items. A lot of people who are thinking about buying discount wholesale beads are afraid that the discount wholesale beads are of lesser quality and will make their pieces worth less.

    The fear or producing a piece of jewelry that will not last because it was made with discount wholesale beads prevents many people from saving large amounts of money on their supplies. The truth is, buying discount wholesale beads does not mean that you bought cheap pieces of junk.

    One way to buy discount wholesale beads is for you to shop for seasonal beads after the season has already passed. You can buy discount wholesale beads that depict seasonal items like, Easter ducks, Easter chicks, Christmas wreaths, and Valentine cupids, immediately after the holiday.

    Buying the discount wholesale beads after a holiday has just passed will mean that you can purchase the pieces for half of what they sold for originally. Most of the time you can buy the pieces for less than half if you wait a little longer to buy them, but the ones that are going to be in high demand will sell out quickly, so you should probably settle for saving half of their sales price and buy them as soon as the holiday is over.

    The following year you will bring out the items and create the jewelry pieces from them. When you sell your jewelry pieces you do not have to lower the price because you saved money on the beads, you should keep your prices the same so that you make more money off of the pieces you sell. After all, you invested money in the purchase of the items and then had to wait an entire year for your investment to pay off. You are not cheating anyone by buying the pieces at a reduced price and then selling the final product at the same price. You are simply engaging in good business practices.

    Sometimes companies have close-out sales and offer their supplies at lower than normal prices. These supplies will be of the same quality that they were when they sold at full price. The close-out style sales usually occur when a company is going to discontinue an item. If you know that one bead is particularly popular and you find it is a close-out sale you should buy as many of them as possible so that when no other manufacturer can buy them you will still have a supply and be able to meet the demand of people wanting jewelry made from them.

    Sometimes the beads will be smaller than what the normal ones are, or the quality will be less than what the more expensive ones have. You have to decide if the quality of the bead will affect the appearance and longevity of the product you make. A lot of the time the bead quality is not as important as the way the item is attached to the jewelry piece.



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  • Christmas is a magnificent time of the year. As Christmas approaches, one can see numerous traditions flowing in the air. It's just lovely to observe the preparation and merry making prior to Christmas. All of us desire to have the best Christmas decoration for our home. We want to do something new and unique every year. If you want to adorn your house like you have never done before, decide to do something unique this time around. Unique Christmas ornaments are not that hard to find. Unique Christmas ornaments act like focal points in your decoration scheme.

    A lot of people fear to shift to unique Christmas ornaments. They feel such adornments are temporary and can go out of trend. Consequently, people do not want to spend on these as they believe that such ornaments are not reusable. That is completely untrue. Unique Christmas ornaments last for years. These ornaments ensure your affection for years. Unique Christmas ornaments are generally categorized as customized or hand-made. As such vendors come up with same kind of ideas every Christmas. People who are too fond of Christmas ornaments have no other option to put some effort in making these ornaments. Christmas ornaments are mostly used as gifts to friends and family. Therefore, you can get plenty of ideas related to the person you intend to make the ornament for. Customize your ornament with some common memory. If you are presenting your Christmas ornament to your younger sister, personalize it with her nick name. This adds fun to the present. Put some images or pictures. Try to put in all the common memories you share with her. Hand made Christmas ornaments strengthen your relationship with your loved ones. They demonstrate that personal touch with a message, "I care".

    Glass ornaments make beautiful unique Christmas ornaments. Glass spirals or glass balls look stunning on the Christmas tree. These ornaments also scatter lights. Glass ornaments add shine and glitz to the Christmas tree. They are attractive and extremely eye catching. You can also think of making something more natural and eco friendly. Collect some natural shells. Paint them and put some glitters to add shine. Prick the shells to make a little opening. Hang these shells with the help of a string. These look lovely on the Christmas tree. You could take your pet's paw print on clay and make an ornament out of it. Such ideas cost you nothing. They just require your time, effort and zest.


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  • Beads of any size or shape tend to have an intricate and delicate look that in essence intrigues many people. It is these characteristics that make beads very popular with quite a number of people. Foil glass beads which are types of lamp work beads cover a wide range of artistic and design elegance. They can be bought in a wide range of colors and this wide variety makes them appealing to almost every one.

    They also have a very interesting history that stretches to earlier periods of mankind. Beads have been found in virtually every corner of the world by archeologists. This proves that the beads have been around for literary hundreds of years. Before foil glass beads came into existence, there existed beads made from seeds, claws, animal teeth and shells. Foil glass beads are very popular because of their elegant appearance which makes it appealing to most people.

    Foil glass beads which are a kind lamp work bead can be made by artists who melt glass rods onto a steel mandrel. The foil to be used is placed on a very thin sheet and then it is melted onto the given bead during the process of its creation. Foil glass beads are available in a wide variety of textures of different kinds and according to most jewelers they are the most sought after beads these days due to their distinct look. Foil glass beads can be combined with other beads to give it an extra charm and uniqueness.

    Due to their beautiful and colorful appearance, these can be used to make very elegant jewelry which can be worn to every occasion. The beads are usually very popular among many artists, men and women because of their colorful look and this feature gives the jeweler some creative independence when they are creating the beads for different occasions and as such they employ the vivid colors in their design.


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  • Jewelry designers who create large number of jewelry pieces often make use of wholesale beads in their creations. There are a number of advantages of buying wholesale beads and one of the most significant one is the savings that one can do with wholesale beads. Today, wholesale beads are available in different styles, designs and colors to meet the specific needs and preferences of the crafters. You can find beads in bulk in your local craft stores, online or at a bead show.

    Many people prefer buying beads from a bead show because of the vast choices they are presented with. Although prices at bead shows tend to be a little higher than that you would find online, but the quality and the variety are often better. Moreover, you are able to see and feel the beads and determine its quality before you make a purchase. But, there are a number of things that one must keep in mind when buying wholesale beads at a bead show. These include the following:

    Tax ID Form

    In order to gain entry to the wholesale section of the bead show, you must provide your tax ID form. This can help you get great prices on wholesale beads. In some bead shows, you won't even get an admission with a tax ID form. So if you are looking to grab a bargain, be sure to take this along with you when you attend the show.

    Shopping list

    You must make a shopping list before you attend the show because people have a tendency to be overwhelmed when they are presented with a huge collection of beads. When you have a shopping list, you will know what you have to buy and what you must look for. You won't be tempted to buy every bead that you like.

    Pocket ruler

    If you are using a manual to create your jewelry pieces, then it is important that you pick the size as mentioned in the manual. Carry a pocket ruler along and measure the beads before buying to ensure that you are getting the right size.


    Set a budget before you go on a shopping spree. This will ensure that you do not spend more than you intended to. Do not make any purchase until you have walked through the entire show. Look for wholesalers who offer the best price.

    Keep your credit card at home

    It can be easy to be tempted to buy things that you like and then end up spending too much. If you don't want to spend too much, keep cash in hand and your credit card at home. This is the best way to resist temptation.

    Don't go for the cheapest things

    Wholesale beads at a bead show are available at different prices. But, different prices also mean different quality. Don't buy wholesale beads just because they are the cheapest. Look for quality ones that you will enjoy beading with.

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