• You've seen them on the stars, now it's time for you to go out and get your very own piece of bead jewellery for yourself; the only problem is, which ones should you choose? With so many varying colours, shapes and textures to choose from, you may be thinking of just copying the same bead jewellery that Lindsay Lohan has been spotted wearing in Heat magazine!

    But wait, this is not the way to go, as every piece of bead jewellery will complement different looks and outfits, so to ensure that you are the coolest kid at work the next day, make sure you match your jewellery to your outfit!

    If you peruse an extensive website that sells bead jewellery, you can see that once you get into bead jewellery, the skies the limit when it comes to variety. There's the 'Sterling Silver Plated 'Snake Eye' Murano Glass Slide-on & Slide-Off Bead Charm', the '18ct Gold Plated 'Happy-Cat' Slide-on & Slide-Off Bead Charm', not to mention the 'Blank key ring for 3 Slide-on Slide-off Bead-Charms'; with all this choice, wouldn't it just be easier to ape Li-Lo?!

    However, if you perform a little research on these websites and look at what the extensive back catalogue has to offer, you are sure to find your perfect piece of jewellery; it just comes down to your favourite colour and how it will match your favourite outfit...or how it's going to spice up an old one!

    A good piece of bead jewellery will complement most outfits, whether it is worn in true a surfer chic style accompanied with a sarong and flip-flops or dangled from the nape of the neck that is sporting an elegant ball gown; either way, you are going to be the belle of your very own ball, as long as you choose characteristics that match your own unique look.

    New pieces of jewellery are added to these websites' stock on a frequent basis, so even if you don't fancy anything that you see on your first look, (or buy up the entire stock on your first visit!) then it is always worth checking again in a few days.


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  • Hessonite is a beautiful gemstone which is mainly found in Brazil, Canada, East Africa, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Found in various shades of orange color ranging from light orange to dark brownish orange these gemstones are believed to be ruled by the planet 'Dragon Head'.

    The planet dragon Head symbolizes mind related issues such as trauma, insanity, indecisiveness, etc. In order to avoid the ill-effects of this planet, Indian mythologists suggest people to wear hessonite gemstone in the form of a ring or a pendant. According to believers, hessonite can not only reduce the bad effects of planet dragon head but can also increase brain capabilities and sharpness.

    Experts suggest that a careful approach must be adopted before buying hessonite for a spiritual purpose as any small mistake can lead to severe consequences. For example, in terms of the color, the best hessonite gemstone should reflect honey color while all other types of hessonites with colors red, green, yellow, blue, brown and orange are not considered to be the appropriate for this purpose. Also, the clarity of the stone matters tremendously. The best suitable hessonite gemstone for the planet dragon head should be clear, delicate, and lustrous with color distributed uniformly all across the stone. If all this is kept in mind before buying the precious gemstone then according to believers it can ward off all the evil effects of the planet and bring great luck, fearlessness, clarity in thoughts and immense spiritual growth. It is mostly worn in combination with silver metal and must never weigh more than 3 carats.

    In Hindu families, hessonite gemstone cannot be worn by everyone but only a person whose horoscope indicates strong influence of planet dragon head. A birthstone for those who are born in the month of January, this beautiful orange gemstone is considered to be able to bring positivity and success in the wearer's life. According to a very strange Hindu ritual, when a person who is influenced by dragon head dies, the hessonite is kept in his mouth to save his soul to wander before taking a re-birth.


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  • So you adore the look and feel of gemstone beads and would love to own some stunning pieces but are not sure about how to choose the best ones? Though it is natural to feel overwhelmed with the huge range of choices available in today's times the task of selecting quality beads is way much simpler that you might think it to be.

    Before you start looking out for ways to judge good quality gemstone beads it's important to first know that as these beads comprise a whole range of semi-precious and precious stones that come from natural as well as manmade sources there are quite a few criteria which can be used to ascertain their value and quality. These beads are also manufactured in an array of shapes and sizes as well as through different finishing techniques which influences their worth as well.

    Let us now look at the various steps which will help you in getting a better understanding of gemstone beads so that you can select them wisely:

    Learning about Gemstone Beads

    When you are trying to select quality beads the most sensible thing to do is to try and learn about them initially. Browse through the internet and read articles on precious and semi-precious stones as well as the various categories that they are segregated into. Do not be discouraged by the vast information online and try to keep it simple by reading some basic information and resources on gemstones. You can also visit various websites that deal with jewelry making as they have some of the handiest tips for identifying and choosing quality stones.

    Selecting Quality Gemstone Beads

    When you are trying to select precious and semi-precious beads a safe way to buy them would be on the basis of their grading. Most of the naturally occurring stones are graded on the basis of their value, quality, shine and color as under A, B, C and lower grades. You need to understand that a while a Grade C might be lower in shine and quality than A or B they too look equally beautiful and stunning when crafted into creative ornaments.

    Determining Your Requirements

    Depending upon the jewelry projects that you might be working on, make sure that you are making a choice based on these requirements. For instance if you are looking for a bead or a cabochon to design a pendant or a brooch it is better to go for a high quality grade "A" stone as this will give spectacular results. On the other hand you can explore other grades for creating more casual trinkets like anklets and cool accessories.


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  • Since the time of Marco Polo, the making of glass beads has been important in Venice. It is thought that the Venetian artisans were inspired by the cut-gem beads Marco Polo brought back with him from the East. While the industry may have begun as a way to copy the Asian designs, it has since grown into a distinctly Venetian art form.

    Millefiori Beads - If you've heard of any Venetian beads, you've probably heard of these. Millefiori translates to "thousand flowers" in Italian. Each bead made in the fashion uses a variety of thin-cut slices of glass canes, each with a particular pattern or design. These tiny pieces of glass are pressed together to form beads of astonishing variety and beauty. Each glass cane is formed with some kind of image or pattern inside, which is only apparent when viewing it from the end. You may think of it as being like a refrigerator cookie, only much smaller and made of glass. Flowers and other natural scenes are popular designs for these glass canes, but an infinite variety is possible.

    Mosaic Beads - Like millefiori beads, mosaic beads use glass canes, but instead of the pattern being inside the the glass cane, the canes are used to construct a design directly on the mosaic bead. Very fine and tiny glass canes are used to place the color one pinpoint at time. These beads take a long time a lot of work to make.

    Floral Beads - Like millefiori beads, floral beads are made from tiny slices of glass canes. These canes will have a flower pattern inside and will be combined with another piece of glass a base. This creates a repeating floral pattern across the face the of the bead. Unlike the more stylistic millefiori and mosaic beads, these flowers will look somewhat more true to life. The color of the glass in the center of this beads can also alter how the outer slices look, creating depth and an interesting look.

    Lampwork or Wound Beads - Lampwork beads are so named because a lamp is traditionally used in the making of them. A coppwer wire is a heated over a lamp, around which is then wound tiny strips of melted glass. In the end, when the glass cools, the wire is removed to create a hole for stringing the bead. These beads can comes in an infinite variety. You can find any shape, size, or color you wish.

    Blown Beads - If you've been to a historical fair, you may have seen glass blowers making bowls, cups, vases, and other objects using a pipe thrust into molten glass which they then blow into the create shapes. Venetian blown glass beads use the same process to create tiny works of art. These beads are made with very high-quality materials to create clear, beautiful glass beads. They often look like beads within beads, because of the blowing process, which gives them depth and layers. Often, contrasting threads of glass are wound around these beads later for further decoration.

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  • Faceted Gemstone are beads that have sharp cut edges. They are not completely sphere-shaped and have many evenly circulated edges all around the bead that are of equal sizes. Gemstone beads are cut in faceted with a diamond edged blade in order to make the facets edges sharp and size perfect. Some of the beads are then colored with special coating that gives it a colorful and shiny finish.

    Faceted Beads look great and much shine than other cuts and shapes. These are widely used in making gemstone jewelry and give perfect look to your jewelry whether it is made in gold or silver. It can be used in rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc. Make a strand of faceted beads that will give a gorgeous look on your loved ones face.

    Glass beads and gemstone are the two main categories for faceted beads. In comparison to glass, gemstone are most popular and mostly used. Faceted gemstone are the natural beads that have natural finishes and are long lasting. You can find these in both the gemstone categories which are semi precious and precious beads.

    Precious beads include ruby, emerald, sapphire, tanzanite and semi precious consist amethyst, ametrine, apatite, aquamarine, blue topaz, carnelian, chrysoprase, citrine, crystal, hessonite, iolite, jade (aventurine), jasper (red), kyanite, labradorite, lapis, lemon quartz, mahogany obsidian, garnet, moonstone, multi Color stone, onyx, peridot, rainbow moonstone, rose quartz, rutilated, smoky, snowflake obsidian, sodalite, sun stone, tiger eye, tourmaline, unakite beads. These all are available in faceted shapes.

    Some of the faceted gemstone are covered with a mirror finish on the back. This provides the beads a mirror-like attribute which provides it an exceptionally insightful surface on the other side. It makes the beads quite attractive and eye catching as they would overwhelm when they come in contact with light.

    These are simply available through online beads portals. You can get all kinds of faceted gemstone beads and also other important materials for making your own designer jewelry. Some of the good websites also provide beading accessories and basic ideas, so that you can make your jewelry beautiful.


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