• European beads are available in many different types today. They are mainly made up of glass, but some are also made from a base metal and embellished with rhinestones or other types of gemstones. European beads have gained enormous popularity over the years and there are many reasons why people consider wearing jewelry made from European beads.

    One of the main reasons is that European jewelry whether it is a necklace or bracelet, speaks of class. It has become an innovative jewelry trend with jewelry from companies such as Troll Bead and Pandora becoming the most popular way to create heirloom jewelry. These beads have three dimensions and although metal and glass are the most popular choices for their creation, they can be made using a number of other types of materials as well. What sets European beads apart from all the other beads is their diameter bore. This is also known as the centre hole. The centre hole of these beads is quite large which makes accommodating chains and strings pretty easy. Some of the popular styles from big companies make use of lobster claw clasps or beaded clasps with beads available in 14k gold, 18k gold, sterling silver or a combination of gold and silver.

    Unlike other types of beaded jewelry, these jewelry pieces are not cheap. A bracelet can cost as much as $400. Depending on the type and material the bead is made from, the prices of individual jewelry items can be much lower or much higher. The price of each bead ranges from $2 to up to $100. Basically, beads which are made from solid gold and encrusted with gemstones sell for a higher price than those which are made from glass or sterling silver metal.

    European beads are a rage these days because you are able to personalize your own jewelry items by attaching charms to the large holed beads that consist of loops. Gemstone beads and glass beads that have metal cores are stunningly beautiful. In addition to these, there is a variety of long and short spacer beads available for customization of bracelets and necklaces. Some beads are even available in two-toned color schemes. Whether you are looking to create a Troll style or a Pandora style bracelet, these beautiful and elegant beads are sure to fit any style.

    However, when buying them online, it is essential to be careful as fake European beads are all over the place and you can easily be deceived by the striking colors and styles they are available in. Keep in mind that these beads are not cheap and if an offer sounds too good to be true, then you must simply keep away from it. Always buy genuine European beads to create unique jewelry styles that match the likes of jewelry pieces available from the big brands in the world.


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  • There are some things you may not know about aluminum beads. You likely know that they can be used to create jewelry items or to decorate clothing and accessories. You may know that they are relatively inexpensive and very common.

    You may not know that you can purchase aluminum beads online at prices far lower than what is charged in crafting supply stores in your local mall. The online merchants will often make you an even better deal on the purchase of these items if you buy in bulk quantities. Try to order more than five hundred of each size and shape to get the lowest possible price.

    You may not know that aluminum beads are often called seed beads by the distributors. They can be used for weaving on a loom and for off-loom weaving purposes. These items are frequently used as spacers between more elaborate and costly beads when people are creating a beaded design.

    You may not know that aluminum beads come in different sizes. The largest ones you will find are generally a one aught and the smallest ones you will find will be the 24 aught. When these items are larger than the one aught they are referred to as crow beads and not as seed beads.

    You may not know that you can get these items with color that has been placed inside the bead and they are called color lined beads. You can also get these items with bronze linings painted in them, gold linings painted in them, silver linings painted into them.

    When the beads are longer and more tubular they are called bugle beads. These beads are often thicker than the traditional aluminum beads are, and very sturdy. Bugles are almost always used as a spacer between different beads of a higher value. The bugles give the higher value beads the opportunity to shine and stand out.

    When polished to a high shine and paired with solid black glass beads the aluminum beads make a striking piece of costume jewelry. Pairing them with a glass bead of one color allows the colors to pop and the piece to look more expensive than they are. Many people often confuse these cheaper beads with silver beads because of their intense shine and reflect ability.

    One way to save money on these items is to find a group of people that also need them and order them by the thousands from a wholesale bead distributor. You will get the individual beads for only pennies each and this will allow you to make more pieces of jewelry and keep the prices of those pieces to a minimum.

    A lot of people do not know that these items make great decorative pieces to sew on denim jeans, jackets, purses, headbands, and scarfs. Most people think only of necklaces and bracelets when they think of the beads. You can also make striking earrings and anklets using these beads and some glass beads for color.



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  • If you love crafts and designing your own jewelry, you have probably experimented with an assortment of different techniques and material. One such option for you to create stunning pieces of art and design are gemstone beads. These beads are made from actual gemstones, but in such a way that you can attach the stones to a wide variety of objects, including twine, metal and wood. If you are new to gemstones, you are going to find these objects are not only going to look more professional, but the gemstone beads can also make exceptional gifts to your friends and family members.

    Because there are so many different kinds of gemstones, there are many different kinds of beads you are able to use. These beads come in all sorts of shapes and sizes too, so no matter what you are designing, there is the perfect size for you. Generally the larger beads are for necklaces and other large objects, and the smaller beads are for bracelets and other smaller designs, although there are no rules for such a design and you can create whatever you desire.

    With the different kinds of gemstones, you have the ability to create a design with individual birthday stones. Every month has its own gemstone. This way, you can design something specifically for their birthday. There are even other gemstones that aren't birthday stones at all, including rose quartz beads and rock crystal beads. Of course, because some gemstones are more valuable than other stones, the overall price of the stones is going to vary significantly, so always check the price before you go and buy the products, as you don't want to be surprised by the total bill once you receive the receipt. Because of this, you might want to go with the less expensive gems, such as the rose quartz beads and the rock crystal beads. These beads do not cost as much money as the birthday stones, so if you are on a tighter budget, or don't want to spend a significant amount of money, you have the other options to create a beautiful design.

    In order to attach these gemstones together, most have a small loop on the rear of the stone. This loop allows you to thread material directly through the stone in the rear, this way you are not able to actually see how the stone is attached to the thread, metal or other content while wearing. This allows the jewelry you created to look more authentic and professional. Of course, some of the larger stones have a loop at the top. These are best when creating a necklace, so the gemstones can hang down further on the design. This gives you the best overall look, but it also gives you a significant amount of options when creating your own design, so you never need to be boxed in with one or two options.



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  • Crystal Rings are quite easy to make yourself. Here are the basics that you need:

    1. Swarovski Crystals

    These are trendy designed crystals by the Austrian giant Swarovski Crystal, with the Swan LOGO on wrappings. I'm sure all of you have something of Swarovski crystal, either in your cupboard, in amongst your jewelery, hair accessories, a cell phone encrusted with one or a cell phone case encrusted with some crystals, in the house, chandeliers, miniatures of little animals. Designers love Swarovski crystal for wedding dresses, bridal tiaras, watches, fashions from jeans or latest style outfits. They keep coming up with new colours, new crystal cuts and different effects on the crystals. Swarovski crystal beads, also have a a D.I.Y. "Create your own Style" online you can check out. At the end of the day it is expressing your self with the new crystals. They come in a variety of sizes I use the 4mm bi-cone ones for the top of my rings.

    2. Czech Crystal-Preciosa brand

    Slightly cheaper crystals, but very popular, I use them as the base of my crystal rings. They are not as shiny as Swarovski but they have a new range out that is pretty good. Fire polished facets are slightly and subtly different from Swarovski. The Chinese crystal is the cheapest. I use them in 4mm as well but the more rounded one.

    3. Seed beads

    I use the Japanese seed beads. They have a thicker wall. You can use either the Czech seed bead, like a donut, which is slightly irregular.

    Cylinder beads are good as well. I use the seed beads for the base of the ring as it is more comfortable than the Czech crystals for the base.

    4. Nylon beading thread.

    5. Hypo cement to keep it altogether.


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  • Crystal beads are a great way to add sparkle and individuality to almost anything you own. And what's more, it cheap and easy to get started.

    In this guide you'll discover about the type of beads you can buy, the tools you will need, and the technique you can use to apply them.

    What type of crystal beads will you need?

    If you would to apply beads to your belongings, then the type you will need are called 'flat back'. These types of crystals have glue on the flat back side which bonds the crystal beads to the item.

    There are two types of flat back crystals.

    Hot fix flat back beads come with the glue already applied and are designed to be attached to items that have a high melting point, such as cotton or jeans.

    Silver foil flat back beads require you to add the glue yourself. These work better when you wish to attach them to items with a lower melting point, such as plastics or synthetic fibres.

    What can you apply crystal beads to?

    The most popular items for attaching crystals to are clothing such as t-shirts, jeans, jackets; accessories such as shoes, belts, hats, bags, mobile phones, and finally your own nails!

    In this guide we will use hot fix beads on a cotton t-shirt.

    What other tools will you need?

        Hot fix stickers (you apply your beads to this, before securing it to the item you're decorating)
        Scotch tape (to hold your design template in place)
        Iron and ironing board (the heat will make the glue bond)
        Teflon sheet or bond paper (to cover your design when you iron it
        A clear glass or plastic sheet (to protect your design while you create it)
        Tweezers or pliers (to put your crystal beads in place)

    How to create your first crystal bead design

    1. Create your design and template

    You will need to be able to draw out your design on paper, so depending on your confidence or skill level, it's probably best to start with something simple.

    Once you've chosen your design and sketched it out on paper, use the scotch tape to secure it to your piece of glass or plastic, making sure your design is showing through to the other side.

    Then, cut a piece of your hot fixer sticker to cover your template, remove the white backing and secure it in place on the other side of your glass or plastic with some scotch tape.

    2. Apply your crystals to the template

    Once your template is ready you can start applying your beads using your tweezers. You apply the flat back side to the hot fix sticker side of your template.

    3. Apply your finished design to your t-shirt

    Once you've got all your beads in place, take your t-shirt and lay it on the ironing board. Then peel away the whole hot fix sticker side with the crystals attached and position it on your t-shirt.

    Then finally, take your sheet of Teflon or bonded paper, place it over the design and iron over it for about 2-3 minutes. This should be enough time to securely attached your design to your t-shirt (if not, just iron for another minute or two until secure).



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